Welcome to Kalahikiola Congregational Church!

February 27, 2010 @ 11AM -- the official re-dedication of the church!

October 12, 2009

  The reconstruction work on the church is almost done. It should be completed by the middle of November. The tower has been repaired and painted; the drywall work is done; and most of the electrical work is finished. The arch has been rebuilt to exact original specifications.

The shoring up of the trusses is partly complete; the chancel is being put back as it was. [One of our own members, Don Wilkinson, is doing this work. The chancel was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake.]

Work to be done yet: completion of the nursery; painting the outside and inside. Sanding and painting the floor, and refurbishing the pews. [We are doing the pew work ourselves.]

We also plan to build some kind of wall around the church using the stones that were in the walls of the original church.

If the reconstruction is finished by the middle of November we are planning on having a "soft blessing" and the first service in the  newly rebuilt church. The probable date is November 22nd, Thanksgiving Sunday. There will be a formal re-dedication after the first of the year.

Kikiaola Cosntruction Co. of Kauai is doing the rebuiding; Mark Isoshima, Superintendent. Glenn Mson of Honolulu is the architect.